GMOs: Foods to Avoid From A-Z

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Clean eating is a lifestyle devoted to being mindful about eating a whole, plant based diet. It is important to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible and avoid processed foods the best of our ability. Since 80% of our country’s food is processed foods that means they are made using GMOs, which are harmful to our bodies and even banned in countries in Europe! Make sure to read my blog post on GMOs here!

While shopping it is important to purchase organic produce when possible to avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals that are sprayed on conventionally grown produce. I know it’s time consuming to go the extra step when it comes to our health, but I assure you..your health and happiness is IMPORTANT! And- after the first few times of playing grocery store detective it becomes second nature and quite fun!

First you always do a quick scan of ingredients and if the foods contain any of these listed might want to be it back on the shelf because well, it’s not really the FOOD our bodies need for proper health and nutrition!

▪   Aspartame (Also Called Aminosweet, Nutrasweet, Equal Spoonful)
▪   Baking Powder
▪   Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)
▪   Caramel Color
▪   Cellulose
▪   Citric Acid
▪   Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
▪   Colorose
▪   Condensed Milk
▪   Confectioners Sugar
▪   Corn Flour
▪   Corn Masa
▪   Corn Meal
▪   Corn Oil
▪   Corn Sugar
▪   Corn Syrup
▪   Cornstarch
▪   Cottonseed Oil
▪   Cyclodextrin
▪   Cystein
▪   Dextrin
▪   Dextrose
▪   Diacetyl
▪   Diglyceride
▪   Erythritol
▪   Equal
▪   Food Starch
▪   Fructose (Any Form)
▪   Glucose
▪   Glutamate
▪   Glutamic Acid
▪   Glycerides
▪   Glycerin
▪   Glycerol
▪   Glycerol Monooleate
▪   Glycine
▪   Hemicellulose
▪   High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
▪   Hydrogenated Starch
▪   Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
▪   Inositol
▪   Inverse Syrup
▪   Inversol
▪   Invert Sugar
▪   Isoflavones
▪   Lactic Acid
▪   Lecithin
▪   Leucine
▪   Lysine
▪   Malitol
▪   Malt
▪   Malt Syrup
▪   Malt Extract
▪   Maltodextrin
▪   Maltose
▪   Mannitol
▪   Methylcellulose
▪   Milk Powder
▪   Milo Starch
▪   Modified Food Starch
▪   Modified Starch
▪   Mono And Diglycerides
▪   Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
▪   Nutrasweet
▪   Oleic Acid
▪   Phenylalanine
▪   Phytic Acid
▪   Protein Isolate
▪   Shoyu
▪   Sorbitol
▪   Soy Flour
▪   Soy Isolates
▪   Soy Lecithin
▪   Soy Milk
▪   Soy Oil
▪   Soy Protein
▪   Soy Protein Isolate
▪   Soy Sauce
▪   Starch
▪   Stearic Acid
▪   Sugar (Unless Specified As Cane Sugar)
▪   Tamari
▪   Tempeh
▪   Teriyaki Marinades
▪   Textured Vegetable Protein
▪   Threonine
▪   Tocopherols (Vitamin E)
▪   Tofu
▪   Trehalose
▪   Triglyceride
▪   Vegetable Fat
▪   Vegetable Oil
▪   Vitamin B12
▪   Vitamin E
▪   Whey
▪   Whey Powder
▪   Xanthan Gum

I know, it’s a long list of ingredients and unfortunately the list grows more and more each day! New GMO foods are added to our food supply and the worst part about it is, WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!! Not okay!

Familiarize yourself with these companies! Each of these companies have spent millions opposing GMO labeling, they do not support food transparency and they want to keep consumers in the dark when it comes to what is in the food we eat. FINAL opposition logos

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