Cajun-Chickpea Burger Patties

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YES. Protein packed deliciousness! Did you know that one cup of cooked chickpeas contains 15 grams of protein?! Yep, that’s right..who says you can’t thrive on a plant based diet?!

These cajun-chickpea burger patties are super easy to make, loaded with flavor, contain digestive health benefits and detoxification properties (give it up for my favorite, cilantro!) and they are ALWAYS a party favorite.

Chickpeas are not only my favorite (because they are the base of hummus and if you know me, you know my obsession with hummus…), but they are great for our bodies as well! One cup of cooked chickpeas contains 12 grams of fiber, which is half of the recommended daily fiber intake for women. Foods rich with fiber not only help keep us feeling fuller longer, but also help to keep our colon and digestive tract healthy. Fiber-rich foods also help balance blood sugar levels, because fiber slows down digestion, allowing sugar to move slowly from your digestive tract into your bloodstream.

Cajun-Chickpea Burger Patties

(Serves 8)
-2 cans of organic chickpeas (BPA free)
-1 organic green pepper, seeded and diced
-3 tablespoons of diced yellow onion
-2 garlic cloves
-2 tsp cajun seasoning (I combine cayenne pepper, chili powder, red pepper flakes and black corn pepper)
-1 flax egg (or egg)
-big handful of organic cilantro leaves
-1/2 cup of gluten free breadcrumbs (or almond meal)
-juice from one lime

1. Create flax egg (combine flaxseed meal into a bowl and add water, allow to sit for five minutes) or if you’re not vegan – crack egg and mix
2. Add chickpeas, green pepper, garlic cloves, onion, cajun seasoning and cilantro into a food processor and pulse until everything is mixed together. (you may need to add some water if the mixture gets too sticky)
3. Stir in flax egg (or egg), breadcrumbs, lime juice by hand
4. Once ingredients are well combined, scoop out mixture and roll and form a patty by hand
5. Heat a large skillet with coconut oil and cook on medium/high heat for about 3-4 minutes on each side

Simple, delicious, and healthy!

You can add a gluten free burger bun if you’re in the mood, but most of the time I eat the patty solo with some side vegetables 🙂

Combine chickpeas, cilantro, seasoning, green pepper in food processor

Pour mixture into bowl, add breadcrumbs/almond meal, lime juice and flax egg (egg)

Heat on skillet in coconut oil, about 3-4 minutes on each side


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